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Got a Prayer Request or a Praise Report?

Christian Prayer Warriors are collectively regarded as a unique worldwide social network that is changing the way Christian missionaries, groups and organizations serve humanity. Striving for excellence and driven by compassion, we are firstly dedicated to the God of humanity. We are united in the name of Jesus to serve anyone who connects with us.

In today's volatile and uncertain world, we are praying for many people who are seeking solutions to the problems affecting their... life, family, health, relationship, destiny, finance, career, and much more.


Here's good news: Each day, principled Christian Prayer Warriors are hard at work to afford anyone the opportunity to submit his or her prayer request. Do you need the services of intercessory prayer warriors? We are awaiting to offer you free, 100% confidential services.

When you have a praise report, please tell us about any positive experience and share your encouragement with us. What good news would you like to share with us today? We are awaiting to praise God with you, giving Him all the praise He deserves and expects.

We make is simple for anyone to send:

  • Prayer Requests
  • Praise Reports
  • and much more

Each day brings new commitment to advance the God's plan of salvation by offering the free services of Christian Prayer Warriors. In the name of Jesus Christ, we are here to serve you.

Why is it that as a Christian strive to do God's will, he or she ends up struggling against the evils of this world in which you live?

As Christian Prayer Warriors, we understand. We sincerely do. That's why we encourage you to tell us what you cannot share with your loved ones or friends. We respect your privacy and trust.

Whether you wish to send us your prayer request or praise report, we Christian Prayer Warriors are united online to help people like you free of charge. It's our desire to share God's love with every person to whom the Lord Jesus leads us. We pray and hope that you are greatly blessed by Christian Prayer Warriors. When you are in need, send us your free online prayer request or praise report today.

Pray for Our Disabled Veterans.
Pray for Our Wounded Warriors.
Pray for Our Troops around the world.

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